Timeflow Formula

Salih Kırcalar
Salih Kırcalar

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Could you please evaluate my website timeflow.org and my three articles

Special Relativity Theory (SRT) equations revealed that mass and time are

t / t' = m / m'

My 'Timeflow'='Time'/'Energy' Formula makes a small but important
contribution to this. It expresses that the relation of mass to time is equal
to the amount of mc2 energy of the mass, which is 9x10'16 s or
2,851,927,903.26... years for 1 kg of mass outside the gravitational fields.
Very small free particles in space must be observed by organizations such as
NASA or ESA, only then my proposal will be verified.

In addition,The flow of the thought energy intensity in our brain is
body pain, unhappiness and boredom, joy and joy, happiness and love,
sleep, and finally death, respectively, from low to low. At the moment
to sleep, if we had a good sleep, our thought energy is very close to
zero or zero. When the energy flow intensity increases in our brain,
according to the 'Timeflow Formula (Timeflow=Time/Energy). The
timeflow will slow down. As the energy density (power) decreases, the
timeflow will accelerate. In the case of sleep and death, the timeflow
will be infinite. The timeflow formula explains very clearly and
simply that this situation, which is perceived as psychological time
is actually a purely physical event. I think it would be very useful
for psychology experts to evaluate the 'Timeflow' Formula and the
philosophical interpretation of the formula.

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